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The Patient Participation Group meets every 3 months, and has a patient suggestion post box in the waiting room.


Want to be involved in your local GP services?

Have an opinion on how local services can improve?

Do you have time to contribute to discussions about healthcare in your area either in person or via the internet?

Come and join us and work with the group and surgery to provide excellent healthcare.

We understand not everyone can spare time to attend a quaterly meetings at the surgery so why not join our virtual group?  Its an ideal way to have your say and contribute from the comfort of your home. 

The surgery may send you a survey from time to time or a simple response email but this will help to gain a representative veiw of the Oakhill Surgery patient population.

Be part of this group and let the surgery know what is important to you.



To find out more about what a PPG is from the National Association of Patient Participation click here


Virtual PPG (Email Group)

The main purpose of the Virtual PPG is to have a large group of patients that the Oakhill Surgery Patient Participation Group can periodically use to survey views on health services provided by the surgery and more county wide. The more we have the more likely we are to make appropriate recommendations for change.

If you are interested in being part of this group please let reception know or complete the form found here.

You will only be contacted by email and can respond as little or as much as you like. 

See what N.A.P.P say on virual PPG's here.


Patient Group meetings

The most recent meeting minutes can be found by clicking here

Please scroll down to view previous meeting meetings.


Half day closing

The Surgery has decided to close for half a day each month for practice development and staff training.

To avoid inconvenience The PPG has been asked to help in letting as many patients know as possible.

Flyers are available from the surgery and are being distributed to village notice boards.

Click here for latest news.


Community Health Portal Newsletters 

This is a new newsletter to update clinicians and patients across Mendip about local services that exist within the community.

The first newsletter June 2013 is focused on Dementia services.

The October 2013 newsletter is on Transport Options for people living in Mendip.

The March 2014 issue concerns Mental Health

2014/15 Patient Participation Report

Click here for the 2014/15 Report in Word format and here for an Adobe pdf version.

Patient Survey and Action Plan 2014

Click here to see the results and proposed actions.

Patient Action Plan 2013

Click here to see the 2013 Action Plan.

Patient Survey and Action Plan 2012

Click here for the Microsoft Word Version or here for the Adobe Acrobat PDF version.   

Summary of the Oakhill PPG meeting minutes

The PPG felt it would be useful to put a summary of its quarterly meetings on this site.

To see the June 2013 summary click here
To see the September 2013 summary click here
To see the November 2013 summary click here      
To see the February 2014 summary click here
To see the June 2014 summary click here
To see the October 2014 minutes click here
To see the January 2015 minutes click here
To see the April 2015 minutes click here
To see the July 2015 minutes click here
To see the October 2015 minutes click here  

To see the January 2016 minutes click here  

To see the April 2016 minutes click here

To see the July 2016 minutes click here

To see the October 2016 minutes click here

To see the January 2017 minutes click here      

To see the July 2017 minutes click here                                                        


Shepton Mallet Health and Wellbeing Campus Project

This is an excellent opportunity to influence the development of a health and wellbeing campus on the Shepton Mallet Community Hospital site.

The project team are looking for ideas and the more they get the more likely the Campus will meet the local health needs.

To find out more click here (April 2014).

The Health Campus project has now progressed to the tendering stage (April 2016)

The Health Campus development has now reached the detailed planning/building phase (June 2017)


Self Care and general medical information

NHS Choices and Patient UK. There is some very useful and reliable advise on both these sites - well worth a visit!   

Medicine Waste

For NHS Somerset the gross annual cost of prescription medicines waste is £3 million per year.

We all have a role to play in reducing this waste. There are many factors, click here to see more, but one of the things we can do as a patient is to order only what we are going to take. Always check before you leave the surgery or pharmacy that you have only got what you need as sadly once you have left even unopenned packs cannot be reused.



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